TV: Reasons Why The Mindy Project Matters

I used to write TV posts for a now-defunct blog and I miss it. I thought I’d feature some TV-related articles here. And possibly soon, to an outside blog/site near you!  The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows. It debuted last year and I binged through all the episodes in a […]


TV: Reasons Why You Should Watch Justified

Part of my TV series!

Justified, on cable channel FX, returns January 7 (preview here on It’s one of the best shows on TV, and here’s why:

image: Goodreads

Elmore Leonard The author famous for the books behind Get Shorty, Out of Sight, and 3:10 to Yuma wrote the basis for Justified in […]


TV Season Finales: Which Was Your Favorite?

As the regular TV season winds to a close, I’ve been clearing out my DVR to catch up on everything that’s ending in May. So far, a few have stood out:

The Vampire Diaries


Instead of watching American Idol crown a new winner, I played The Vampire Diaries’ season finale from May […]


TV Review: Project Runway All Stars

Project Runway is one of the few reality shows I’ve stuck with, and it’s probably my favorite, closely followed by Top Chef and Survivor. If you haven’t kept up with Project Runway All Stars, let me tell you a bit about what you’re missing. And what you’re not.

What’s Good:

The Talent

The always-subtle Austin […]


Hart of Dixie: Guilty Pleasure?

I’m trying to figure out why I like Hart of Dixie. I think it falls into that guilty pleasure category, and its general predictability feels comforting. It’s the type of show I can turn on as background filler and not feel too lost if I’ve missed some dialogue.

The premise is unlikely – Rachel […]


DVD Throwback: Felicity Season Two (Part One!)

When season 1 left off, Felicity had the choice to spend the summer in Europe with Noel, her ex-boyfriend (but recently determined to be somewhat more than friends), or she could road trip it with Ben, her recently single crush, from NYC to their home state California.

Who did she choose?

**Warning: Spoilers** (This warning is […]


Throwback DVD: Felicity – Season 1

I got through most of season 1 during my holiday break and just caught up on the last few episodes. My initial reaction: this show’s pacing is the polar opposite of The Vampire Diaires. Felicity is slower and quieter. It’s a thoughtful show.

The big pitch of Felicity is she’s a mousy nerd who doesn’t […]


Throwback DVD Review: Felicity

Felicity is one of those shows I missed entirely when it was on, so here I am over 10 years later catching up. I was in college when it first aired, and I hardly watched TV. I mentioned this once to a guy in my dorm, something to the effect of not having turned my […]


TV review links: Once Upon a Time, Grimm

A few weeks ago I blogged about the premiere of Once Upon a Time which takes fairy tale characters and tosses them into our world under a curse (hey, just what are you saying here, TV people?!)

Since some of you who read my blog are interested in the writing I do elsewhere on the […]


Fall TV and Twitter

To keep everyone updated, I’m writing some TV reviews for a site called Here’s my most recent write-up on The CW show The Secret Circle, which I basically summarize as The Vampire Diaries with witches. And The Vampire Diaries already has witches.

Anyway, it’s been fun connecting with more TV bloggers and pop culture sites […]