Insecure Writers Support Group: It’s (not a) Shame About Rey

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Do You Podcast?

Or more so, do you LISTEN to podcasts?

I have a confession.

I didn’t know HOW to listen to a podcast until very recently. I thought you had to have an iPod (which I do) and that you had to subscribe and download specifically to iTunes, and for years my iTunes crashed my Windows laptop. […]


The Phantom Menace Drinking Game

Gentle Readers:

I have personally cultivated this list from the vast chasm of internetdom. For those of you suckers bold enough to fork over top theatre dollar to see the worst film in the Star Wars cannon (in3D!), this one’s for you.

(Although it may be more appropriate to keep this game for home […]


Yo-derp: a word on Yoda’s dialogue

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is usually an occassion for cable TV to run a Star Wars marathon (usually on SpikeTV), I thought it appropriate to comment from a writing perspective. I love Yoda, but some of his dialogue is downright painful:

“Around the survivors, a perimeter create!”

It may possibly be the worst Yoda line […]


I Call Myself a Star Wars Fan…

…And yet, there is a plethora of Star Wars material out there that I’ve barely touched. I mean, we own the movies, I saw Clone Wars in the theatre, I have dressed as Princess Leia for Halloween (bought an official wig, too) and I’ve made Boba Fett cookies. But I have not ventured into the world of […]