Link Ups!

This week I’m on the Writing with the Mentors blog talking about Trending Topics: Social Media in YA Fiction. I’d love it if you would check it out!

The YA Buccaneers have a great post this week on Yoga for your Brain. Yes, YOUR BRAIN. BRAIN YOGA! This applies to anyone, not just […]


Upcoming Events!

While my new website is under construction, here’s an update on some book events where I’ll be this Spring!

Romantic Times Booklovers’ Convention April 11 – 16, Las Vegas, NV

April 13: Pitch Wars Road Show: pitching workshop at RT Con April 16: RT Teen Day While I won’t be signing (my book’s not out […]


2015 Goals Wrap-up, 2016 Goals

Welcome to 2016! No flying cars yet, and hoverboards only sort of made it. Meanwhile, I’m planning my writing and reading goals for the year.

First, here’s a peek at a fun thing I tried out this year. A jar where I wrote and collected accomplishments or promising moments. I first heard of […]


Spring Fling Conference 2016!

One of the writer goals I set for myself over the past 2 years was to be part of a panel or workshop at a conference. I’m super happy to share I can check this off my list! Well, I can check off the organizing of it. My panel debut will be at Chicago North […]