Predatory Publishing Contracts

If you’re a writer, you may have seen the internet heat up this past week over issues taken up with a few Random House e-book imprints which several high-profile writing organizations called foul. The best, and most heroic example goes to science fiction writer John Scalzi, one of my husband’s favorite authors. See his blog post here for […]


Agent News!

I’m so excited to share wonderful news: I signed with a literary agent!

I received a few gentle reminders from fellow writers that it’s customary to post a “How I Got My Agent” story. (Optional: stuff full of gifs.) Happy to oblige!

Hopefully my story can show how much each journey toward publication varies. […]


The Price of a Positive Book Review

Welcome to Monday, everyone! I usually post a book review on Mondays, but I’ve been in vacation mode after a girl’s weekend getaway. I came across this article today on about a entreprenurial guy who gets paid to write online book reviews: Link Here

This isn’t anything new — authors paying for positive reviews […]


Write On Con — Today!

Write on Con is keeping me busy. Head on over and check out articles on the publishing industry and the writing craft. You can also get peer feedback on query letters, pitches and first pages in the forums. […]


Upcoming Opportunities for Writers

Happy Friday!

I’ve gathered some great writing opportunities coming up in the next few months that will help with writing craft and preparation for pursuing publication:

Can’t make it to one of the big summer conferences? Write On Con is an online writing conference held August 14-15 focused on children’s lit: Young Adult, Middle Grade, picture books, chapter books. […]


Links Roundup!

Here are a few articles I found noteworthy from the past few weeks:

 The Atlantic did a piece recently called, How Young Adult Came of Age (as in the genre). The New York Times shared an articlewith similar themes on why boys aren’t reading as much as teen girls. The Observer outlines the state of the book review […]


Everyone wants to write a book. No, really. Everyone.

I’ve heard it said that everyone has an idea for a book. I thought I understood this, I really truly did. It’s difficult to comprehend just how many people want to write the next great American novel until you can see the reality for yourself.  A few weeks ago I attended an in-store event at […]