Streaming Entertainment: How Do You Watch TV & Movies?

Photo: Bryan Gosline via Flickr

It’s easier than ever to watch TV and movies given how many different devices can stream entertainment. It sounds like Redbox is joining the movie streaming business. Here’s a write up on how Netflix, Amazon and Redbox compare via

I just bought a Nook tablet, mainly for reading, […]


Nineties Blogfest: 1992 – 1994

As mentioned before, I didn’t realize the blogfest hosted by Dave Wrote This was just one day and not this whole THING that I’ve extended for days. So, today we squash a few more years together to get caught up on the decade. Today: 1992-1994

Top Billboard song this week in 1992:  Boys II Men: End […]


Nineties Blogfest: 1991

Apparently, this blogfest was just one day (yesterday) but I somehow thought it was one year a day for 10 days. So, here you get another day, and probably a few more of ’90s-tastic pop culture chattiness. Nineties Blogfest: 1991

Billboard’s Top Song this week in 1991: Emotions: Mariah Carey I was a […]


Nineties Blogfest: 1990

Day 1 of the Nineties Blogfest–Go! Top Billboard song this week in 1990: George Michael: Praying for Time (LOVED this song–and George Michael)


 Given I was a kid in 1990, I wasn’t exactly listening to cool music. I’m talking Paula Abdul, Wilson Phillips, MC Hammer (Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt […]


Happy Friday!

Publisher’s Weekly linked an article yesterday on Oyster, a start-up aiming to be “the Netflix of books.” My first thought was: a subscription book service–try the library! But realistically, I have only been able to read a few e-books from my public library; lack of selection, long waiting lists and tech issues have prevented me […]


Summer Fun Friday! +Comic Con News

Ah, summer. Don’t you wish you were jam-packed in a convention center with six dozen Slave Leia’s and a legion of Joss Whedon fans? Or is that just me…

San Diego’s Comic Con is in full swing — the comics convention to defy all other like-minded conventions — and many of us are scouring our […]


Armchair BEA: Beyond the Blog

Day Four of Armchair BEA: When you wish you had access to a private jet and unlimited cash … so you could attend a Book Expo America! Then you could quit your job and read books all day. Ahhh, the life.

Make sure to check out the twitter hashtag #ArmchairBEA today. They will help you […]


YA Lit article on

I have a friend who puts together a pretty cool site called – I can confirm he’s a legit pop culture geek because he wrote and published a survival guide to San Diego Comic Con. If you ever plan to venture into that crazy spectacle definitely read his book first! (There’s a print and e-book version)

Anyway, he’s graciously […]


TV review links: Once Upon a Time, Grimm

A few weeks ago I blogged about the premiere of Once Upon a Time which takes fairy tale characters and tosses them into our world under a curse (hey, just what are you saying here, TV people?!)

Since some of you who read my blog are interested in the writing I do elsewhere on the […]