Nineties Blogfest: 1998 – 1999

Today ends my week-long look at my favorite music and noteable TV from the 1990s. This blogfest was hosted by Dave Wrote This this past Monday.

Billboard’s Top hit this week in 1998: Monica: The First Night This week in 1999: Mariah Carey: Heartbreaker

1998: Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

I adore this solo […]


Nineties Blogfest: 1995-1997

Day Four: Nineties Blogfest (which at this point I’ve extended far beyond the original one day!) Today: 1995-1997 Billboard Top Song this week in 1995: Mariah Carey: Fantasy She was the first female to debut at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 1996’s top song this week: Los del Rio: The Macarena (groan!) 1997’s top song this […]


Nineties Blogfest: 1992 – 1994

As mentioned before, I didn’t realize the blogfest hosted by Dave Wrote This was just one day and not this whole THING that I’ve extended for days. So, today we squash a few more years together to get caught up on the decade. Today: 1992-1994

Top Billboard song this week in 1992:  Boys II Men: End […]


Nineties Blogfest: 1991

Apparently, this blogfest was just one day (yesterday) but I somehow thought it was one year a day for 10 days. So, here you get another day, and probably a few more of ’90s-tastic pop culture chattiness. Nineties Blogfest: 1991

Billboard’s Top Song this week in 1991: Emotions: Mariah Carey I was a […]


Nineties Blogfest: 1990

Day 1 of the Nineties Blogfest–Go! Top Billboard song this week in 1990: George Michael: Praying for Time (LOVED this song–and George Michael)


 Given I was a kid in 1990, I wasn’t exactly listening to cool music. I’m talking Paula Abdul, Wilson Phillips, MC Hammer (Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt […]


Happy Friday!

Publisher’s Weekly linked an article yesterday on Oyster, a start-up aiming to be “the Netflix of books.” My first thought was: a subscription book service–try the library! But realistically, I have only been able to read a few e-books from my public library; lack of selection, long waiting lists and tech issues have prevented me […]