Friday Fun and Fall Reading Challenge Update

When I started my personal fall reading challenge, the point was to read off my own shelves. I pick up a lot of books at conferences, events, and because you know, I like books.

Let’s just say that “like” of books is a little hard to wrangle.

I live in a big city, so […]


Friday Fun: Ebook Deals, Summer TV, YouTube

Happy Friday everyone. How was your week?

First, before the fun stuff, I want to recognize the nine people whose lives were taken in a Charleston church last week. It’s a horrible tragedy, but I sadly can’t say it’s unthinkable. The U.S. is politically divided with deeply entrenched racism that threatens the daily lives of […]


Friday Fun: Reading Lists, YouTube, Links

Happy Friday!

First, it’s Summer Reading List Check-in. Not too late to join in with YABuccaneers. I probably won’t do a blog check in each week, but to get started I thought it would be fun to show the progress:

Freebie: The Art of Falling by Jenny Kasczorowski (YA contemporary–art, friends, family) Road Trip […]