Guest Post: Author Kami Kinard Shows How Diaries Inspire

I am beyond excited to feature a guest post by author Kami Kinard! She’s here today to tell us how her own collection of diaries inspired her to write The Boy Project (Scholastic 2012).

Inspiring Diary by: Kami Kinard

Author photo by: Carpe Diem Studios

I’ve been writing fiction for a couple of years […]


Diary Days

This is where I review an old diary entry (thus, the blog name) and reflect. Sometimes there isn’t much to reflect on, but at least it’s funny. In 1994, I decided it was time to document things I hated. I listed them using the aptly titled, Things I Hate:

Noisy eating habits – Still one of […]


Diary Days: meeting my husband

The older I get, the more often I forget the little benchmarks I used to celebrate, specifically with relationships. “It’s the anniversary of our first date!” Those dating achievements used to mean something, like making it to the epic SIX MONTH mark. Once married, your celebratory anniversary is your wedding anniversary. The other things fall to […]


Journaling: can it help us?

You would think having a blog about a diary, I would still write in one. I mean the old-school, handwritten, watercolor cat on the cover types. Sure, I’m occasionally looking back on my past journals, but I have no current handwritten, personal journal.


This blog post caught my eye: WOW! Women On Writing Blog: Book Review: […]


Diary Days

Here is where I take a look back at a memorable diary entry of the past.

In 1995, I wrote:

Things I’ll Do Once I’m Out of My Parent’s House

Color my hair as often as I like with whatever crazy (or normal) color I like. Paint some walls purple or black and do some […]


Diary Days

I wanted to return every so often to reflection on my old diary writing days, since that’s where the title of my blog came from. In one of my journals, I found a reading list from my early teen years. Through the wonders of, I wanted to  look back on some of the books I read […]


Book: Journal Revolution

This is a clever and creative take on the idea of journaling, combining collage art and crafting methods. Cool ideas if you want to preserve memories being the typical diary approach.

Journal Revolution: Rise Up & Create

This is really more of a crafting book, but how it ties into journaling is it encourages […]


The Lost Days

One of my originally intended themes for this blog was to explore old journal/diary entries (thus the name of the blog). I’m thinking I might return to this every so often as I find opportunity. Having just finished Paper Towns and demanding that my husband also read it (he did!), led to a few discussion […]


So, it’s been a couple of weeks.

The first charge I gave myself with my little project was to get out the box of old journals and take a general look at them.

You know, there is a reason a diary is often referred to as private or secret. Remember when stores sold diaries with little locks on them?

I now understand this.



Hello, blog.

“Remember when you used to blog?” a good friend recently asked.

Well, at least I recall this being recently, but upon further reflection I realize this was at least 3 or 4 months ago. Possibly longer.

In any case, I replied, “Yes! I do remember blogging!”

It’s hard to forget eight years of fairly dedicated updates […]