Goodbye 2015!

Hi everyone!

I’m seeing a lot of year-end posts and thought I’d send out a quick post with a few of my favorite discoveries from the year. More to come in 2016 with my debut book (!!) and likely a new website. Next week, some friends of mine have book releases, so stay tuned for […]


To Be Read Shelf Crisis!

Let’s be honest: it’s a nice problem to have if your shelves are too full of books you haven’t read.

And yet.

My shelves are full of books I haven’t read!

I still have books from last summer’s RWA Nationals conference I haven’t read (mostly on the bottom shelf there). I’ve made a dent in […]


Favorite Reads 2013!

It’s that time of year! I love to see which books topped people’s lists. I caught up on a lot of books from previous years, so I don’t have too many 2013 books as my favorites.

I started the year with non-fiction (1776 by David McCollough), followed by some adult-market historicals. In spring, I read […]


What’s Up Wednesday & Ready Set Write

It’s Wednesday already! I’m checking in for Ready. Set. Write! (details in the link) along with what’s been going on over the week.

What I’ve Been Reading

Well, writing wasn’t going so well this week–I had one of those slumps where the plot holes I haven’t yet figured out really stalled my progress. So […]


Summer Reading List

When you think of summer, what do you think of?

I think of trips to the library and stacks of books to bring home to read on vacation, on the beach, in the park, wherever.

Here’s my recent haul:

Note the kitty who couldn’t resist peeking in!

A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger 

Contemporary […]


Readers: Beyond Her Book Blog Virtual Party (win free books!)

Publisher’s Weekly blogger Barbara Vey (right) and me, 2011

Just a little note here to promote a cool online reader event hosted by Publisher’s Weekly blogger Barbara Vey (who I met in person at a Wisconsin book festival in 2011–see pic!). She hosts a virtual party on her blog the first week in March […]


Brenda Novak Auction – Tons of Options for Readers and Writers!

Brenda Novak’s On-line Auction

Brenda Novak is a romance writer and her auction funds Diabetes research. You can bid on books, gift baskets, e-readers, jewelry, conference admissions, writing workshops, agent and author critiques, query critiques and a few top notch categories of special interest type things.

For writers – those critiques are golden opportunities […]



#FridayReads is a hashtag on twitter to note what you’re reading for the week. I think you have a chance to win something by random chance, but mainly it’s cool to see how many folks on twitter are reading and what.

Lately, I’ve been a reading machine, whipping through books as fast as I can. […]


Twitter done blew up, ya’ll

Today I witnessed the implosion on twitter in response to a rather bizarre Wall Street Journal article on the supposed decline in appropriateness of young adult fiction. I saw the article linked from Publisher’s Weekly on my twitter feed this morning (confession: I scan twitter as to get my mind going when I first get […]


Link to Share: Brenda Novak Auction

I wanted to share a link for Brenda Novak’s Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes which has a ton of books and miscellaneous items up for bid. There are trips, jewelry, gift baskets and things like that, as well as opportunities for an agent or author critique of your writing. All the items were donated, and the auction […]