Insecure Writers Support Group JUNE 3

Welcome to Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where we all confess we don’t have the biz figured out and commiserate together. For more mental support, check out the IWSG Facebook page.

It may be time for me to move on from Blogger. I’m embarking on creating a website, and possibly keeping this blog as […]


Writing Motivation for the New Year

Need some motivation or guidance? I found a few writerly things going around that may help!

Today, the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood‘s group blog (started by former RWA Golden Heart nominees) is beginning their Winter Writing Festival. This is open to all genre of writers. Set your own goals and points system, then starting today through […]


Writers: How Do You Know When You’re Ready?

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For over a year — almost two — I’ve watched as agent-judged query contests, pitch opportunities and 250-word critiques pass by since I hadn’t completed a manuscript.

The day has come!

I finally have “finished” my Work-in-Progress, but when is a work truly finished? I’ve revised entire sections, I’ve […]


Road Trip Wednesday: Dream Writing Retreat

Road Trip Wednesday: Hosted by YA Highway This Week’s Topic: If you could go on a writing retreat anywhere, where would you go & who would you bring?If time and money were no object, where would you shut yourself away to write the great American novel? And what friends, crit partners, or inspiring authors (living […]


Armchair BEA: Wrap Up!

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting this week on Armchair BEA! It was great to visit new blogs and make connections with other bloggers who are passionate about books! I have to say, this is one of the best blog hops I’ve been a part of. The quality of blogs included were impressive. […]


Reflecting on the A to Z Blogging Challenge

If you followed my blog in April, I posted about a TV show for every letter of the alphabet for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, a annual blogfest. Many of you found me from the challenge: welcome!

What made the challenge easy was choosing a theme, writing my posts ahead of time […]


Fall TV and Twitter

To keep everyone updated, I’m writing some TV reviews for a site called Here’s my most recent write-up on The CW show The Secret Circle, which I basically summarize as The Vampire Diaries with witches. And The Vampire Diaries already has witches.

Anyway, it’s been fun connecting with more TV bloggers and pop culture sites […]


Possible Breakthrough?

Regarding my own work-in-progress (WIP), I’ve spent several weeks internally agonizing over how to structure my story. There are so many pieces I know are good, so many concepts I know will work, and characters I really like and can’t wait to share. But putting all of this together, and getting over the fear, or […]


“I would have given anything to be like…”

The writing and book blog YA Highway has a cool little thing going on. For the promotion of one of the contributing author’s books, they posted the question “I would have given anything to be like…” asking readers to fill in what they wished they were like as a teenager. The book, called Like Mandarin, […]


Celebrity Gossip Turned Novel — YES PLEASE

The creators of Go Fug Yourself, one of my favorite websites, have their own YA fiction novel coming out this year called Spoiled. I will definitely read this! For the uninitiated, GFY is a blog of celebrity fashion criticsm that is on par with how The Soup covers inane entertainment news. Certainly a guilty pleasure, but it’s clever […]