Kidlit Cares Hurricane Sandy Relief

Kidlit Cares is going on over at author Kate Messner’s blog, where you can bid on donated auction items, like writing critiques, and the money is donated to the Red Cross for hurricane Sandy relief. What a cool idea! Read more about the cause here via Publisher’s Weekly. To bid on an item–there will […]


YA Highway Giveaway!

Just popping in after being on vacation. I’ve mostly been posting backlogged book reviews. I just saw this giveaway on YA Highway for their 3 year blog anniversary. The blog is a cool site hosted by several Young Adult authors, and they feature the Wednesday theme YA Roadtrip along with a good list of […]


Armchair BEA Week!

Do you wish you were in NYC this week for the book industry’s biggest trade show? Did you even know there was a ComicCon-like event for books? It’s called Book Expo America, and chances are if you’re reading this, you’re not actually at the Expo.

Sad. Neither am I.


You can vicariously […]


Blogging Bloggle Blogglestats!

Thank you to the lovely Rachel Brooks for choosing me for The Liebster Blog Award, which is given to blogs with fewer than 200 followers. I’m thrilled to see I now have 50! Thanks, everyone for following. Blogging awards are a creative way to share which blogs we enjoy reading and to get a little […]


Pitch this Novel!

A blog I follow called The Gilded Page wrote this week about crafting a one sentence pitch. Like her (and her co-writer partner), I am nowhere near ready to query for publication, but I’ve found it helpful to practice writing a short pitch for my work-in-progress.

This older post from über-blogger Nathan Bransford (a former lit agent and […]


Link Roundup

Here is what caught my interest this week in the blogosphere:

  This visually captivating blog post starts off  with a collage of the “darkness” of YA covers . Then it moves into more sobering ground; how ethnically diverse/dark is YA based on covers alone? Turns out, not very.

Awful Library Books. The few and the dedicated do us […]


Follow Friday!

I’m a sucker for finding new blogs, and I’ve been wanting to participate in a blog hop (doesn’t it sound cute?). Sometimes I can be shy, but now, I forge ahead!

There is an obligatory question to get the party started, so I’ll share:

Q. What are you doing to prepare for an […]


Links List!

I troll through a lot of information every week. Here are a few items I plucked from the weeds:

Two great posts over the past month on the rise in popularity of Young Adult fiction (in case you find yourself having to explain to non-YA readers why you read books about teenagers): Writer, Writer, Pants […]


Links Roundup

Some of the blogs I read post a grouping of notable links for the week. I thought I would start doing this occassionally, even if just for my own reference! It’s hard to keep track of it all.

From NYT Books: Penguin’s Book Country site to help aspiring authors

From Guide to Literary Agents: Musings […]


Everybody Likes Free Stuff!

All Things Urban Fantasy is giving away over 60 books. I’ve only been consistently blogging about writing for 3 months and I’ve already won 4 books from various blog sites and promotions. And honestly, I don’t spend a lot of time looking for that stuff, it just crops up.

I’m at a point where […]