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Hey, readers! I’ve been quiet on the site from the holidays through now. Sometimes we need a little break. It’s Insecure Writers Support Group Wednesday – the first Wednesday of the month. I was going to give up this  monthly blog post this year in my attempt to Simplify, my 2018 word. Who am I kidding? I’m committed. Can I choose two words for the year? Is it ironic I want to make choosing a word of the year more complicated when my word choice is Simplify?

Here’s more on Insecure Writers Support Group – Facebook Group, IWSG Website. Resources and connections for writers of any genre!

This month’s question:

What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

Tuesday night was a great reminder of why I love to read and write young adult. Chicago area debut author Gloria Chao celebrated her book release for American Panda, a contemporary YA that hits all of my “gimme!” targets: a girl making her way in the world, complex and layered family drama, fun and funny, and POC (person of color) main and supporting characters. Gloria talked at the signing about writing the books she wanted to see in the world, using her own experiences and family as inspiration.

Author Gloria Chao of American Panda

Author Gloria Chao with moderator Christa Desir – photo by Stephanie Scott


Stephanie with Gloria Chao

Stephanie with author Gloria Chao


She also mentioned the trepidation she felt when the early copies of her book went out to reviewers. Once your book is out there, it’s a piece of you as a writer. You can’t control what people will say about your book, or about you. I appreciated hearing this because we all have our i

nsecurities, even when we know we wrote a good book and have plenty of people supporting us along the way.

My favorite part about YA in general is all the things that make a story young adult – the first time experiences, the navigating the world in new ways, and lots of family and friendship complications.


What’s your favorite thing about the genre you like to read or write?


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