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September 6 Question:

Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing?

For example, by trying a new genre you didn’t think you’d be comfortable in?


Welcome Home Anthology CoverFunny you should ask, randomly generated IWSG question. Actually, YES. Just yesterday, the short story collection Welcome Home by Eric Smith released, including a contribution from me! Some writers excel at a short story format. I would not say I am of that excelling demographic. But, the challenge was a great experience. Writing a short story showed me how every word matters, and how to sharpen my focus on every aspect of the story for maximum impact.

Wait there’s more! I’m also venturing from young adult books to a contemporary romance I plan to publish this fall! It’s part of a group series, meaning three of us authors will be writing stories set in the same world with overlapping characters. Too often, I’ve seen people say things like, “I should just write a romance book and cash in,” or how romance books are paint-by-numbers. I’m here to tell you, it takes the same amount of writerly sweat to write a romantic work of fiction as it does anything else. You still go through rounds of editing and feedback and multiple drafts. This was a fun challenge – to see if I could put my own stamp on a genre I’ve come to really love reading.

I still feel new enough at this writer deal that any project feels new and challenging. What surprises me most is the end product itself. After all the doubts and hair pulling, to see the finished product is incredibly satisfying.

Writers: have you written in different genres?

Readers: what are two very different books you enjoyed?

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