BEA week and announcement!

This week is the big NYC publishing trade show Book Expo America (BEA), which is primarily for industry types, but over the past few years it has also opened up for bloggers and book fans.

The Armchair BEA blog has a lot of cool stuff going on this week, including giveaways and features. I’m not an official participant in the blog hop this year, but I hope you take a look at what Armchair BEA has going on all this week through Saturday. You can also follow on twitter: @ArmchairBEA

My other bit of news is that my agent Sarah LaPolla is switching agencies from Curtis Brown to Bradford Literary. She officially announced this yesterday, so I am free to share the good news! I am moving with her as her client, and the papers are in the works.

I’m excited for Sarah since she experienced working at a large agency, and she can now move to a more specialized agency. She says she will have more time for her clients. My novel is tentatively slated as her first project to submit to publishers under her new agency!

Are you following Book Expo America updates? Are there any buzz books you’re excited to hear about?

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